Our Mission

WYED is a community and membership based organization. Our Board of Directors, members, volunteers, contributors and town businesses, residents, organizations and visitors help us fulfill our Mission:

West Yellowstone Economic Development Council, Inc. (WYED) is a non-profit organization created for the primary purpose of creating a healthier and more vibrant economy as well as a revitalized community in West Yellowstone, Montana and the surrounding Hebgen Lake Basin. We work toward this goal by coordinating economic development planning and assisting with the implementation of innovative projects in the community, by assisting local government as a resource in planning public works and administering of public and private investments, and by coordinating research, planning and advisory functions appropriate to the attainment of its objectives. Through these activities, we will assist in the natural and timely evolution of our economy by creating and nourishing successful long-term partnerships with public and private entities for the benefit of our community.

Our Board of Directors

Pierre Martineau - President --------- 406.640.0241 -- bluedodger59758@yahoo.com
Clyde Seely ------- Vice President -- 406.640.1700 -- clyde@threebearlodge.com
Ed Geiger ---------- Treasurer ---------- 406.539.7281 -- egeiger1953@gmail.com
John Greve ----------Secretary --------- 406.580.1520 -- jmg533g@gmail.com
Mark Petroni -------------------------------- 406.581.5722 -- mrkpetroni@gmail.com

A Few of Our Projects

    • Initiated and established a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) for West Yellowstone (2009)
    • Launched and completed the three year Buffalo Roam public art project (2007 - 2009)


    • Currently assisting local events and projects with payment of their Resort Tax Bond (since 2009)
    • Established a Community & Business Development Grant Program using funds raised from the Buffalo Roam Project (2010)
    • Developed and currently overseeing the new Historic Walking Tour Map and Sign Project (since 2010)
    West Yellowstone Walking Tour
    West Yellowstone Walking Tour
    • Established and currently operating the WYED Center as the central location for WYED operations. Also the Center provides some community housing and multiple business tenancy (since 2011)
    • Established and currently operating the Yellowstone Studies Center (YSC) in conjunction with the Yellowstone Studies Center Consortium (YSCC) - a group of colleges and universities from around the U.S. that come to Yellowstone Park for experiential learning and use the YSC for support services (since 2012)
    • Participated with the Yellowstone Historic Center in a reunion of the Buffalo Roam painted buffalo cows and calves, owners and artists and a celebration recognizing the 25th Anniversary of the 1988 Yellowstone Fires and honoring those who helped save town from the fires (2012). For the event, we created a custom DVD and booklet that captures the property, life and nature saving efforts, wonderment, anxiety, ferocity, generosity, faith, reflections and memories of that very historic time and place. For more info or to purchase the Anniversary DVD and booklet, please contact: Clyde Seely 406.640.1700 clyde@threebearlodge.com
    • Partnered with the Yellowstone Nature Connection (YNC) to utilize the YSC in conjunction with their West Yellowstone and Yellowstone Park outdoor education program for elementary, middle and high school classes from Gallatin and Park counties and around the U.S. (2015) Visit www.yellowstonenatureconnection.org
    • Partnered with NRMEDD, HRDC and Habitat for Humanity to help fund and develop a Housing Plan for West Yellowstone and an Exploratory Smart Growth Plan for the newly acquired 80 acres (2016) 
    • Held the 5th Annual YSCC Fall Conference w/ Carroll College and Indiana State University and their partner universities from England and Norway (2017)